Access To One Of My Blogs – Would You Be Interested?

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I am planning on giving anybody who wishes to do blog posts access to one of my blogs (based on the WordPress system) just like how Blogger, WordPress, and LiveJournal do it. Simply put, persons would sign up for a free account as an author on my blog and then start posting. In addition, it is a revenue sharing blog. That means if you have an Adsense ID, you can generate revenue when people click on the ads that appear with your Adsense ID. Each post that a person does would have their Adsense ID rotated on the Blog 50% of the time. This percentage can be adjusted upwards of course. It all depends on the response rate.

Hear the most interesting part of the whole thing. I am willing to NOT include my Adsense ID on the blog at all if one person who signs up would like to have their Adsense ID put in place of mine. Of course that won’t come free as I would not be making any money from Adsense at that time. A small flat fee would be attached to that deal. The fortunate author would then have his or her Adsense ID rotated more often than the rest. To make it fair, I would change the ID weekly or monthly, depending on how many authors are in the system. When it is due to be changed, I will announce it and then someone else will get the space. This will take place until everyone has been rotated, then we shall start at the top again.

Note that the blog does not presently have any posts as I want it to start off fresh. As soon as I get enough positive responses, I will release the name of the blog. It is not niche specific at this time, but if you are interested in writing along a particular niche, let me know. The niche that has the most requests will become the central theme of the blog. Please leave your comments about what you think and state the niche you would be interested in writing about. No adult related niches please as I want the blog to be able to be read by persons of all ages.