The Power of Price Comparison

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Have you ever gone to a shop or store to buy items without checking to see how much it would cost you each time you shop at the same store? The truth be told, many of us are guilty of doing this and it has been costing us hundreds and even thousands of dollars over the years. Yes, many of us have our favourite supermarket or corner store, but when we think about it there are many other places that sell what we want, in many cases at much cheaper prices than our favourite store! As times get harder, jobs get harder to find, and our spending power gets reduced, it becomes crucial for us to compare prices at different stores before we go out to buy, even online.

The power of price comparison is never to be under-estimated. It can save us lots of money over time that can be stretched to buy more of want we want or need. For example, if you wanted a watch and your favourite jeweler, call it Store A, sells it for say $400 and another store, call it Store B, sells it for $300, who would you buy the watch from? Any sane person would say Store B because it is not only cheaper but it is the exact same watch as Store A sells. That $100 you save can be used to buy something else. So, you see how powerful it is to compare prices before buying. Let us all start spending wisely by using the power of price comparison to save money.