Four Reasons Why You Should Use Invisible Window Screen

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There are few things as enjoyable as the first cool breezes of changing seasons. The moments where we can fling open our windows and enjoy the fresh air as it moves through the window. Perhaps only secondary to that feeling are the wonderful views our windows can give us. Whether the skyline is painted with urban buildings and streetlights, or the reflection of the sunset on a still lake, many of us adore the gorgeous views our windows provide.

Home is so much more to us than what remains inside. Having the ability to look out of our windows and opening them wide to enjoy what you can see, smell and feel is a part of what makes our houses truly feel like home. Regardless of your living room comes with a stunning view of your fresh, green lawn in a dream location, or a bird’s eye view of the heart of the city, having a clear view of our world is a wonderful and often important thing to many.

However, without a window screen, it just may be impossible to open your window while enjoying the view. Or perhaps, your window screens are partially responsible for obstructing your enjoyment of vistas through even a closed window. What do you do then?

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The solution is simple: your windows need better screens. Here are four of the top reasons why you should use an invisible window screen for your windows.

1. Airflow Improvement

With a screen in place, if you’ve been hesitant to toss open the windows for fear of dirt, road dust, debris, or insects there’s no need to keep them closed any longer. Air circulation within your home is important for maintaining a healthier home. With good airflow and air circulation within your home, it can:

  • Help regulate the temperature within your home
  • Prevent build-up of particles and mold
  • Make it easier to breathe
  • Offer excellent ventilation for cooking and certain hobbies (glue, spray paints, epoxy for example.)

2. Control Bugs

When the seasons change and begin to grow warmer, it is inevitable that the season also brings insects. Flies, mosquitos, and all manner of buzzing, biting, flying little bugs take to the air and without a screen can make themselves at home with you. Thanks to the way screens are constructed with mesh and woven into a grid pattern, insects are kept from entering the home.

3. Curb Appeal

Let’s be honest, if your old window screens have started to sag, are torn, pulled, or ragged looking it affects the entire look of your home. Replacing your old screens with an invisible window screen is an instant improvement on the exterior décor and curb appeal of your home. Additionally, invisible window screens allow your window treatments to truly shine.

4. Preserving Your View

An invisible window screen allows you to view the world outside of your windows in brighter, sharper clarity. Unlike regular window screens, invisible window screens are created with thinner strands, using high-quality, exceptionally durable materials to ensure longevity, weather resistance, and an almost crystal-clear view from any window in your home. Invisible window screens remove a lot of the obstruction lower quality window screens create.

With an invisible window screen, you can enjoy the best of functionality as well as beauty. These four reasons why you should use an invisible window screen should help you decide should you be on the fence on whether to buy. Enjoy the crisp, cool breezes, and increased airflow, keep the insects out of your home, and elevate the exterior appeal all while keeping your view clear.